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Pride of Society? Born to the pride and happiness of his clan and tribe, the African male child's birth is a time of celebration. In times past, he was seen as a future pillar of society. In fact all parents see him as such. Everyone expects him to excel and bring success to the family. In the current society, many barely see success. The current generation was born largely after independence. To parents born towards the end of slavery, colonialism and active racial segregation....
Ferocious beauty She is genuinely in a hard spot. Born in a society that is the bottom of the foodchain, but the fact does not intimidate her. She is beautiful and she knows it, except when she compares herself to others. She wants her man beside her. She is ferocious you see, too many black women have seen their men slaughtered. The memories flow through her memories. She is her mother’s daughter, fear and bitterness centuries old still feels fresh. The wise old woman in the community will...
Based on The song "Strong will continue" From the Album Distant Relatives by Nas and Damian Marley The Intro: Direction, Focus, Goals, People All I do is stay focused looking straight forward at the world and beyond.I feel people pulling me down, I feel some pulling me up I can't get stuck.I just keep moving forward, I got places to go man. Let's go... Distilled Message A focused will, with a definite chief aim, moving in a direction that is big, bigger than himself, bigger than the...
“It is not enough merely to have a sound mind – One must also learn how to use it if he would become mentally efficient.” Do you ever Have sad memories come up suddenly in your mind and seem to take over all your being? Crippling your mind for hours or even days at a time? Feel sorry for yourself? Wonder what happened to the grand dreams of becoming a pilot or president you had as a child? What could you do to get them back? Wonder why you sometimes do the things you do when you don’t...

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